Import VirtualBox and Virt Manager VMs to Proxmox

import virtualbox and virt manager vm to proxmox

If you’re like me, prior to using Proxmox you had virtual machines running in something like VirtualBox or Virt Manager. You may have spent a lot of time configuring these VMs and now that you’re migrating to Proxmox you really don’t want to start from scratch on those existing VMs. Luckily, you can import those … Read more

Install Docker and Portainer on Proxmox

install docker and portainer on proxmox

Everyone has heard of Docker by now, it’s one of the most popular ways to create and run containerized apps and services. Docker isn’t difficult to use and understand but there are tools that exist that make managing, creating, and modifying docker containers even easier and user-friendly. This is exactly what Portainer does, it provides … Read more

Install Pi-hole on a Proxmox Ubuntu Container

pihole on proxmox

Ad and tracking blocker plugins are popular in most web browsers, but what if you could apply ad blocking to your entire network without a need for these plugins? This is where Pi-hole comes in, providing you with whole network ad blocking. In this guide, I will walk you through installing Pi-hole on Proxmox using … Read more

How to Create a Ubuntu 22.10 VM on Proxmox

create a ubuntu 22.10 vm on proxmox

I planned on creating a VM with the latest version of Ubuntu on it, which currently is 22.10. This VM is going to be used in a future post about Flatpaks. Since I’m creating this VM, I decided to document the process on Proxmox as well as how to access the VM through an app … Read more

Quickly Set Up a Windows Domain Controller on Proxmox – 2022 Guide

windows domain controller on proxmox

If you are setting up a Proxmox Active Directory lab environment and are looking to install a Windows Domain Controller on Proxmox, this is the guide for you. Today we will walk through the installation and configuration of Windows Server 2019 and promote it to be a domain controller, all inside Proxmox. After completing this … Read more