Install Pamac on EndeavourOS

install pamac on endeavouros

Maybe you came to EndeavourOS from another Linux distro like Ubuntu or Manjaro and you are used to having a graphical software package manager. On Manjaro you have pamac which is a really nice counterpart to pacman and AUR command line package managers like yay. When you install EndeavourOS, you may quickly realize that you … Read more

How to Install Flatpak on EndeavourOS, Manjaro and Arch Linux

install flatpak on endeavouros manjaro and arch linux

Flatpak’s are great, they make installation of applications and their dependencies on Linux easy. Flatpak is already a part of some Linux distributions but EndeavourOS, Manjaro, and Arch do not have them enabled by default, so today we will walk through how to get up and running with Flatpak on these distros. Why are Flatpak’s … Read more