Install GCC on Ubuntu Linux

install gcc ubuntu

GCC which stands for GNU Compiler Collection, is a collection of compilers for many different languages on Linux. For example, GCC can compile source code from C, C++, Fortran, Go, Objective C, and more. GCC is compatible with a long list of architectures, such as i386, ia64, ARM, and more. Is GCC Just for Linux? … Read more

Install Pamac on EndeavourOS

install pamac on endeavouros

Maybe you came to EndeavourOS from another Linux distro like Ubuntu or Manjaro and you are used to having a graphical software package manager. On Manjaro you have pamac which is a really nice counterpart to pacman and AUR command line package managers like yay. When you install EndeavourOS, you may quickly realize that you … Read more

How to Enable the AUR on Manjaro Linux

enable aur on manjaro linux

One of the most popular benefits of running an arch-based Linux distribution like Manjaro or EndeavourOS is access to the Arch User Repository, also known as the AUR. Linux distributions typically come with an included software repository which users can easily install software from, and Manjaro is no different. It includes an official software repository … Read more

Install OneDrive GUI on Ubuntu

install onedrive on ubuntu

Maybe your school, work, or a client requires you to use OneDrive. What are you to do on Linux, except use the web version of OneDrive? I never realized so many people used OneDrive on Linux but apparently, it’s quite common. So today, we will be installing OneDrive on Ubuntu 22.04. We will install both … Read more

What is an Immutable OS?

What is an immutable os?

You may have seen the term immutable OS thrown around lately and wondered what it is and what is means. While an immutable OS isn’t exactly new, they have become more popular in recent months. So let’s break down what exactly an immutable OS is, how it can benefit you as well as the potential … Read more

Setup Docker on Manjaro Linux

How to Setup Docker on Manjaro Linux

What is Docker? Docker is a platform and tool for building, shipping, and running distributed applications. It allows developers to package their applications and dependencies into a portable container, which can be run on any machine that has Docker installed. This makes it easy to create, deploy, and run applications in a consistent environment, regardless … Read more