chmod Syntax in Linux Explained

chmod syntax

If you are a Linux user, then you have probably heard of chmod. But what is it, and how can you use it? Being a Linux user you also know how important the syntax of commands is, so we will discuss the proper chmod syntax that you should use. In this blog post, we will … Read more

Using the Tail Command in Linux

tail command in linux

What is the Tail Command? Linux has a built-in command called tail that can be used to view the last few lines of any file. Tail stands for “tail’ or “finalize” and it is used to show the last few lines of a file or stream. There are several situations when you might want to … Read more

Install ExpressVPN on Linux

install expressvpn on linux

It’s important to have a VPN connection to protect your machine, privacy, and your information these days. Yes, even on Linux. I am an ExpressVPN customer and was happy to find that installing ExpressVPN on Linux is simple. Why use ExpressVPN? The most important thing when choosing a VPN provider is privacy and security. For … Read more

Install VSCode on Manjaro Linux

install vscode on manjaro

Many developers today choose Microsoft Visual Studio Code as their preferred text editor and IDE. VSCode is a multi-platform tool that is powerful in terms of editing and extended editing capabilities. On top of the already feature rich client, there are many official and community based extensions that expand it’s capabilities. This guide will explain … Read more

Install NodeJS on Manjaro Linux – 2023 Update

If you plan on getting into Javascript development and you use Manjaro, you will likely run across the need to install NodeJS on Manjaro Linux. It’s quite simple to do on Manjaro, especially when using NVM – Node Version Manager. NVM allows you to easily install, update and switch between different releases of NodeJS, such … Read more