Install Plex Media Server on Manjaro Linux

install plex server on manjaro linux

Plex has become extremely popular since its humble beginnings back in 2008. Today Plex is used all over the world, serving up streaming content as well as users’ own content. They have built relationships with many big players in the entertainment industry as well, such as MGM, Lionsgate, and Warner Bros. If you have been … Read more

How to Enable the AUR on Manjaro Linux

enable aur on manjaro linux

One of the most popular benefits of running an arch-based Linux distribution like Manjaro or EndeavourOS is access to the Arch User Repository, also known as the AUR. Linux distributions typically come with an included software repository which users can easily install software from, and Manjaro is no different. It includes an official software repository … Read more

Setup Docker on Manjaro Linux

How to Setup Docker on Manjaro Linux

What is Docker? Docker is a platform and tool for building, shipping, and running distributed applications. It allows developers to package their applications and dependencies into a portable container, which can be run on any machine that has Docker installed. This makes it easy to create, deploy, and run applications in a consistent environment, regardless … Read more

How to Install Flatpak on EndeavourOS, Manjaro and Arch Linux

install flatpak on endeavouros manjaro and arch linux

Flatpak’s are great, they make installation of applications and their dependencies on Linux easy. Flatpak is already a part of some Linux distributions but EndeavourOS, Manjaro, and Arch do not have them enabled by default, so today we will walk through how to get up and running with Flatpak on these distros. Why are Flatpak’s … Read more

11 Ways to Use Pacman on Manjaro Linux

how to use pacman on manjaro linux

Installing software is a core function of any operating system, pacman, the package manager built into most arch based Linux distributions such as Manjaro Linux serves this purpose well. It is a powerful command-line utility that everyone who uses an Arch based Linux distro should be familiar with. If you prefer a GUI over using … Read more

Manjaro i3 Window Manager Tips

Manjaro i3 tiling window manager tips

I’ve heard the Linux elite talk about tiling window managers, like Manjaro i3 edition, for some time. So I decided to dive into the i3 tiling window manager on my Manjaro desktop, and these are some things I learned. This isn’t really my first dive into a tiling window manager, I’ve run across some before, … Read more