Intune Hardware Hash Import During Task Sequence

collect and upload hardware hash to intune using a task sequence

Many organizations could import the hardware hash of their existing endpoints using SCCM or other automated means because the endpoints were already running Windows. However, in some cases, this wasn’t possible because the devices were not running Windows at the time, which was the case for my organization. We wanted to use Autopilot when converting … Read more

Deploy PowerShell Scripts in Intune – 3 Easy Methods

powershell scripts in intune

So you need to deploy PowerShell scripts in Intune, also known as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, or MEM? We’ve got you covered with 3 different ways to get your PowerShell scripts to Intune endpoint machines. We will cover deploying a single PowerShell script to run one time, deploying proactive remediations, and deploying a PowerShell script packaged … Read more

PowerShell Force Compliance Baseline Evaluation

SCCM Compliance rule evaluation for a new rule can sometimes be slow or maybe you just need to manually evaluate compliance baselines or rules on a machine or group of machines. Regardless of your reasoning, the PowerShell script below can help you achieve the goal of manually and remotely kicking off SCCM compliance rule evaluations. … Read more