Install Plex Media Server on Manjaro Linux

install plex server on manjaro linux

Plex has become extremely popular since its humble beginnings back in 2008. Today Plex is used all over the world, serving up streaming content as well as users’ own content. They have built relationships with many big players in the entertainment industry as well, such as MGM, Lionsgate, and Warner Bros. If you have been … Read more

Manjaro vs Ubuntu – Rolling Better than LTS?

ubuntu vs manjaro

If you want to start a fight between Linux users, just ask them what Linux distro is the best, such as Ubuntu and Manjaro. Sure, you will see some commonality in the answers but you’ll also see a lot of arguments over rolling release and LTS. So, in this post, we will compare Manjaro, a … Read more

Install GCC on Ubuntu Linux

install gcc ubuntu

GCC which stands for GNU Compiler Collection, is a collection of compilers for many different languages on Linux. For example, GCC can compile source code from C, C++, Fortran, Go, Objective C, and more. GCC is compatible with a long list of architectures, such as i386, ia64, ARM, and more. Is GCC Just for Linux? … Read more

Install Pamac on EndeavourOS

install pamac on endeavouros

Maybe you came to EndeavourOS from another Linux distro like Ubuntu or Manjaro and you are used to having a graphical software package manager. On Manjaro you have pamac which is a really nice counterpart to pacman and AUR command line package managers like yay. When you install EndeavourOS, you may quickly realize that you … Read more