Install Docker and Portainer on Proxmox

install docker and portainer on proxmox

Everyone has heard of Docker by now, it’s one of the most popular ways to create and run containerized apps and services. Docker isn’t difficult to use and understand but there are tools that exist that make managing, creating, and modifying docker containers even easier and user-friendly. This is exactly what Portainer does, it provides … Read more

9 Things to Do After Installing Fedora 37

9 things to do after installing fedora 37

Fedora 37 was released in November of 2022, and since then it has gained a lot of attention. Fedora supports Flatpaks by default and is running the latest Gnome desktop environment which is version 43 at this time. While it does run Gnome by default, you can find Fedora Spins with alternative desktop environments such … Read more

Join a Linux Device to Active Directory

Join a Linux Device to Active Directory

I assume if you are reading this, then you are familiar with what Active Directory and Linux are. Although, you may be asking yourself, what would be the benefit of joining a Linux device to Active Directory? The answer: Central ID and user management. Especially for large organizations that use both Windows and Linux devices … Read more